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D&G Join VaynerMedia London It’s been been fun talking butter, burgers and insurance for a while, but we’ve been offered an exciting opportunity to ‘Make The Future’… Watch this space if you want to get that very clever in-joke.

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There was a time when we would have done anything to go to Fallon… Then one day, Fallon came to us! We’re now working with a pretty inspiring team on AXA and Skoda.

Our last Fold7 ad

Our last ad at Fold7 was this little facebook video for Audible’s ‘Alien: River of Pain’. Farewell Fold, hello Leo Burnett!  

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Silver Tomato

Incredibly inspiring art direction seminar with the one and only Alex Taylor. Cannot recommend it highly enough for any creative of any level. Came away with what must be one of the most prestigious awards in London too!  

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Chillin’ in LA…

Universal studios is not a real place. It’s like falling down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass, only to share a native american hash pipe made of marshmallow with Snoop Dogg and the president of Burundi… And everyone thinks you’re Australian. We did meet some pretty cool people though. Some big stars and some not-so-big-but-still-really-big stars. Stay tuned for the fruits of our trip.

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Oddschecker – TV & Digital

Here’s a campaign we created for Oddschecker, a great site where you can compare the best odds from the leading UK bookies. The eagle-eyed amoung you might even spot a familiar face or two… Apart from the TV spot, we were also asked to come up with a plethora of hard-working digital display. Here are a couple of examples… Skyscraper: MPU: And this of course, affected the webpage itself:

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Improv School

The IPA (institute of practitioners in advertising) wants everyone to do at least 21 hours of CPD (continuous professional development). We weren’t quite sure what to do, so we improvised… Literally. For 4 weeks. At the Improv Academy in Kings Cross. Yes and it was awesome, so go do it too.  

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We’re Number 2…

After some relentless pitching, Fold7 are officially the Avis cars of the advertising world… When we joined Fold7, the agency was nowhere near the top 20. Now, we’re number 2 in Campaign’s New Business Ranks! Coincidence? Probably.

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Gumtree Office Success!

Gumtree have really taken to the ads and keep telling us things like “We’re 40% up from last year”, “Gumtree offices around the world have nothing but great things to say about our ads” and “We’d like to offer you 51% of the company”. Ok that last one may not be true. Nevertheless, we were quite flattered when they did this to their London HQ.


Winner Bingo – Print

We don’t often talk about spec work, but we enjoyed this idea so much, we thought we’d share the scamps anyway. It was all based on the insight that a game of Bingo is better than a man, which was frighteningly easy to demonstrate…

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Revelation – Webfilm

In 2010, Paul Shearer (CD at HMDG) gave us 4 days, a camera and a campervan to go shoot and edit a webfilm for Revelation suitcases aimed at a young, adventurous market. We’re pretty happy with the result. Even managed to get some friends into a recording studio for the soundtrack.